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Empowering Minds with Comprehensive Education

Matriculation Curriculum Overview

At Jeppiaar Group of Schools, we uphold the Matriculation curriculum, offering a robust educational framework that extends beyond traditional learning. Aligned with state standards, this curriculum provides a well-rounded education while preparing students for state-level assessments. It emphasizes conceptual understanding, skill development, and practical application, ensuring a strong academic foundation.

Instructional Approach

Our pedagogical approach under the Matriculation curriculum is versatile and student-focused. Through a blend of traditional teaching methods and modern techniques, we engage students in active learning experiences. Project work, hands-on activities, and innovative teaching strategies are employed by our proficient faculty to encourage critical thinking and holistic learning.

Committment to Inclusivity

Inclusivity forms the core of our educational ethos within the Matriculation curriculum. We create a nurturing environment where each student's individual strengths and needs are acknowledged and supported. Our inclusive practices foster an atmosphere of acceptance, ensuring equitable opportunities and celebrating the diversity within our school community.

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Student Toppers

Celebrating academic achievements is integral to our ethos. Our School Toppers stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. These exceptional individuals showcase not just academic prowess but also embody our values of perseverance and dedication.

Ramasamy. S
Periyadarshini. M
Varshini Rameszh
Saha Murugan. S
Kaviya. M
Gavyavarshini. M
Sahaya Trinity. S

Enriching Beyond the Classroom

Celebrating academic achievements is integral to our ethos. Our School Toppers stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. These exceptional individuals showcase not just academic prowess but also embody our values of perseverance and dedication.


Sharpen young minds with our Abacus program, enhancing mathematical abilities through a structured and engaging curriculum, fostering numerical proficiency and mental acuity.

A student giving a speech

Spoken English

We provide English Enhancement & Personality Development training to each child. We use series of activity based on English language learning materials. This will help the children to gain confidence and improve their English communication.


Embrace tranquillity and mindfulness with our Yoga sessions, promoting physical well-being, emotional balance, and stress resilience, empowering students for a harmonious life journey.

Students performing yoga
Motivational Talk

Motivational Classes

Guest lecturers routinely hold seminars and motivational speeches on topics like fire safety, personal hygiene, first aid, career guidance, counseling for board exams, etc. for the students to augment classroom learning and increase their understanding of all facets of life.

Physical Education

Games and Sports are an integral part of a students’ life. It also develops sportsmen ship in them. We conduct sports and take our children for zonal, district and state level competitions. It helps to increase the self-esteem of the students. We conduct competitions in field events and track events for Junior, Senior and Super Senior levels.

Student Playing Tennis
A athletic student performing gymnastics


Ignite agility and strength through our Gymnastics program, where students learn body control, flexibility, and coordination, building physical confidence and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.


Unleash creativity on the dance floor, as students explore various dance forms. Our Dance program fosters self-expression, rhythm, and coordination, encouraging confidence and a love for movement.

Students dancing for a school event
Arts & Craft

Art & Craft

The children are trained in drawing, painting, paper craft etc., to add more colour to their world. Freedom of expression and creative thinking is encouraged.

Scientia Expo

A display of models and charts from all of the subjects taught, such as science, math, social studies, and languages. Each year, we invite schools to participate in science expos where the finest presentations are recognized and skills are explored.

Scientia Expo

Student Council at Jeppiaar MHSS

Empowering Future Leaders

Student Council Structure

At Jeppiaar Group of Schools, the Student Council stands as a pillar of leadership, embodying our commitment to nurturing responsible and visionary leaders among our student body. The council comprises passionate and dedicated individuals selected to represent their peers and drive positive change within our school community.

Nomination Phase

At Jeppiaar Group of Schools, the Student Council elections begin with an open nomination phase, inviting aspiring leaders from diverse backgrounds to step forward and apply. This phase encourages any student passionate about contributing positively to the school community to participate.

Campaigning Stage

Following nominations, the candidates embark on their campaigns, showcasing their vision, goals, and plans to fellow students. Campaigning involves various creative initiatives, speeches, and interactions, allowing candidates to connect with their peers and articulate their leadership potential.

Interview Process

Shortlisted candidates proceed to the interview phase, facing a panel comprising the Director of the School, Principal, and a dedicated faculty member. This private interview assesses the candidates' suitability for leadership roles, evaluating their vision, commitment, and potential contributions to the school community.

Selection Criteria

Candidates undergo a comprehensive evaluation based on academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and demonstrated leadership potential. The selection process prioritizes individuals who exhibit a blend of academic excellence, active participation in school activities, and a strong commitment to leadership.

Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony marks a significant milestone where the baton of leadership is passed on to the newly elected council members. This grand event not only acknowledges the achievements of outgoing leaders but also presents an inspiring platform for incoming members to pledge their commitment to service and responsibility.

Student Council 2024-2025


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