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Discover Our Cutting-Edge Facilities

Our Exceptional Amenities


Our spacious, air-conditioned classrooms offer an optimal learning environment flooded with natural light and vibrant, attractive furniture, stimulating an ambiance conducive to academic excellence. Carefully designed for comfort and engagement, these rooms inspire curiosity and active participation, fostering a nurturing space for intellectual growth and development.

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Transportation (Optional)

Ensuring students' safety and comfort, our school vans, manned by trained staff, provide secure transportation to and from school. Upholding strict safety standards, our team ensures a reliable and reassuring journey, prioritizing students' well-being during their daily commute.

Laboratory Facilities

Equipped with advanced equipment for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, & Computer Science students delve into hands-on experiments and research, fostering a deep understanding of scientific principles. From intricate molecular studies to thrilling physics simulations, our labs provide the perfect environment for students to unleash their curiosity and ignite their passion for science.

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Audio Visual Teaching Aids

We integrate dynamic audio-visual aids to enhance learning experiences. Captivating visual presentations of fundamental concepts such as rhymes, alphabets, and numerical exercises engage students, fostering comprehension and interactivity in the learning process.

Medical Facilities

Our comprehensive medical facilities, including a full-time pediatrician and nurse, ensure immediate care and regular health check-ups. From emergency services to dental check-ups and visual acuity camps, we prioritize holistic health and well-being, fostering a secure and nurturing environment for students' academic journeys.

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Mall Food Court

Dining Hall

Our well-ventilated dining halls offer a variety of nutritious meals, including wholesome breakfast and lunch options for students who opt-in. Carefully curated to meet nutritional needs, these home-cooked meals ensure students receive balanced and delicious food in a comfortable and hygienic setting. From morning nourishment to midday meals, we prioritize their well-being through quality food choices in a conducive dining atmosphere.

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